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A site specific work, created for Leefgoed de Olifant. The scales, made of mixed ceramics, are attached on a curved steel wire frame. This specific form has everything to do with the historical location, as it was a kiln where Dutch bricks were baked, the yellow small bricks that the area is known for.

Dutch bricks are made from settled river clay, which was poured into molds and finally fired. The history can be felt in the sculpture, in which the repetitive character of the work is reflected. The scales refer to repetition, tiles and masonry. Experiments with river clay from the Hollandsche IJssel have been done in order to be able to develop the ceramics. In the manufacturing process, digital and analog models and self-developed molds were used.

It was placed in 2019 and lovingly renamed by the new owner to 'Polder Sjamaan'. Looking out over the farmlands, as if it is meditating, in perfect harmony with the landscape.

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